1. What materials are EcomaaLee pots made of? EcomaaLee pots are crafted from sustainable materials such as jute, cloth, and other eco-friendly fibers. They are designed to be durable, biodegradable, and environmentally conscious.

  2. Are EcomaaLee pots suitable for indoor and outdoor use?  EcomaaLee pots are versatile and can be used for indoors gardening only. They are designed to enhance the aesthetics of your living spaces, including homes, offices, balconies, gardens, and more.

  3. Do EcomaaLee pots come with drainage holes? Yes, most EcomaaLee pots are designed with drainage holes to ensure proper water drainage and prevent overwatering. This promotes healthy plant growth and helps prevent root rot.

  4. How should I clean EcomaaLee pots? EcomaaLee pots can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth. Gently scrub the surface and rinse thoroughly. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that may damage the natural fibers.

  5. Can I use EcomaaLee pots for large plants? EcomaaLee offers a range of pot sizes suitable for different plant sizes. While they are suitable for a variety of plants, please check the specific dimensions and weight-bearing capacity of each pot to ensure compatibility with your large plants.

  6. Do EcomaaLee pots come with planters or saucers? EcomaaLee pots are sold as standalone containers. However, we may or may  not use saucers or trays underneath the pots to catch excess water and protect surfaces.

  7. Do you ship internationally? Yes, we offer international shipping to select countries. Please check our shipping policy or contact our customer support for specific details and shipping rates.

  8. What is your return policy? We have a flexible return policy. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact our customer support within 7 days of receipt to initiate a return. Please review our detailed return policy for specific instructions and eligibility criteria.

  9. Can I track my order? Yes, once your order is shipped, we will provide you with a tracking number. You can use this number to track the status and estimated delivery date of your package.

  10. How can I contact EcomaaLee customer support? You can reach our customer support team by calling us on +91 798055304.